Tuesday, September 8, 2009



Proteins: everything what grows, whether animal or plant, contains proteins in greater or lesser extent. The proteins are the basis of all tissues alive; a balanced diet should contain 10 % of proteins. Fish and especially meat are rich in proteins, also cereals. Proteins contain 20 basic units: amino acids, that absorbed by the bloodstream reach places where they are needed. Once there rebuilt and form specific proteins that each organ needs.

Carbohydrate: are the sugars and the starches that contain in a large proportion cereals, pasta and sweets in general. Carbohydrates provide the energy we need and if consumed without excess will not fatten us. Take for example pasta, which is one of the best foods and non-fattening, sauces are fattening and that is what we must monitor.

We should not avoid breads for they are good in proteins but we must limit their consumption.

FAT: of course there are fats that are obvious, oil, butter, lard... and then there are others like cheese, milk, meat and bluefish among others. Fats should be limited to 10 % in our daily diet, this amount is essential for our blood to absorb through digestion some vitamins as A and the D. undoubtedly fats help digest foods and at the same time they are a source of energy greater than the carbohydrates and proteins. But we should avoid saturated fats.

MINERALS: the main that we can have deficiency of are iron, calcium, iodine, fluorine and zinc. The main sources where we will find them are meats, spinach, beans, milk, cheese, fish and seafood. To improve the absorption of iron in our diet it is advisable to take an orange or grapefruit juice before meals as Vitamin C facilitates that our body assimilate iron.


Tuesday, September 1, 2009



Certain foods provide us with organic energy and heat body, such as: starches (bread, pasta) sugars and lipids or fats. An excess of carbohydrate (sugar) and fats (lipids), make us fatten especially waist, belly and hips, if we do not burn the excess through physical exercise.

Our society tends increasingly unfortunately to physical inactivity, we will therefore limit this food consumption if we do not want to fatten. Water consumption so often recommended in many regimes is essential to maintain our body in shape, but we must bear in mind that if we eat abundant vegetables and fruits it isn't necessary to drink in excess because these foods provide us a good part of that water necessary for the proper functioning of the body.

This has been verified by many people who were encouraged to drink over two liters of water a day and felt swollen, which is counterproductive. Nor must we forget necessary minerals whose deficiency can cause the occurrence of diseases and disorders, proteins and, of course the essential vitamins for our health vitamins.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Atkins diet

There are many disagreements and bad effects of the Atkins diet that have been created and focused on since its original introduction to the world. Many feel the Atkins diet does not adequately provide the nutrients needed for what the body needs on a daily basis. Others feel that it is downright destructive to the body and will eventually destroy all semblance of good health the person has.

A common disagreement over the Atkins diet is whether it is actually good for someone. Those who believe in the Atkins diet say it is a great way to become healthy and lose weight. They claim they lose around 10lbs. the first week, which in turn slowly increases over time, especially if they take supplements and exercise the right way. Furthermore, they state that they are able to enjoy meat more often and other fatty foods.

Those who disagree with the Atkins diet state the aforementioned individuals are losing weight due to a combination of water, fat, and lean muscle loss. Lean muscle loss in any form is not good for an individual, as they only need to lose fat and not healthy lean muscle. They state the 10lbs. that were claimed was very damaging to the individual and was not the results that they believe. In addition, while the meat does help build lean muscle, it is the supplements and exercising that help the person lose weight, and not the diet itself.

Disagreements and bad effects of the Atkins diet will continue to be a hotly debated topic for as long as the Atkins diet is around. The bad effects continue to be debated for the damage it does to the human body, which goes beyond the loss of lean muscle. It is believed that if a person is unaware of having certain health conditions and begins the Atkins diet; by the end of the week, that person may fall into a coma and possibly even die. While this may be correlated only to extreme cases, almost all interviewed participants of the Atkins diet state that by day three or four they have begun to experience light headedness and dizziness, often followed by collapsing or passing out.

There is a consensus that the Atkins diet does work, but that the bad effects far outweigh any good effects that it can have. Still, there is evidence that the diet does work and there is proof of this. Disagreements will continue about the Atkins diet for as long as it continues to exist, despite new evidence that there may be some true pros to the diet. No matter how good something is, if it causes you harm people are not interested.

In the end, people will have to determine the pros and cons for themselves. If they choose the Atkins diet, there is sure to be more disagreements and bad news of the Atkins diet for many years in the future.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weight loss

Most American and European face obesity and health related problems. With changing lifestyle most people forget to pay atention to their nutrional needs.

We eat too much or too little or too badly. A majority of us loses the perfect balance of diet and healthy habits in the actual world.

This is affecting our lives and ou mental health. Today it's normal to see a lot of people suffering from stress and diseases, everyone is on pills for this or that.

What has happened to ours lives? Actually we have all the information we need to live a healthy life and it's seems to be the contrary.

Some adults will simply eat a pizza, a burger or another junk food and complain that their kids do not have healthy foods habits.

Your body needs proteins and other essentail nutrients to function properly and junk foods take vitamins away and add saturated fats.

If you eat unhealthy your body falls prey to health related problems. You will feel stressed an weak.

It is important to spend time to eat and have healthy meals. Whether you are in a diet or not, you need to have right meals.

Starving does not make you lose weight and your body runs short of nutrients.

There are a lot of diets out there and there must certainly be a diet that fits your requirements.

Here are some diets for differents needings:

The chocolate diet: http://chocolate-diet.sylickon.com

The chocolate diet includes some controlled absorptions pf chocolate during the day that will help you to have that delicious feeling and lose weight at the same time.

There is no question here of taking chocolate, pasta and pop corns every day but of healthy balanced menus for two weeks containing an unstopping variety of foods: dairy products, fruits and vegetables, starchy foods, meat and fish, etc.

The principle is to play on the light but by agreeing chocolate and a small pleasure sometimes to hold over the duration and not to feel frustrations. It promises between 2 and 6 pounds a week according to the weight to lose.

The chocolate diet can be followed by everybody because it has been studied by a nutritionist to bring to our bodies all the nutrients that we need.Along with your diet plan you will receive a course to boost your metabolism and a complete guide to practice PILATES on the privacy of your home. Check for it here: http://chocolate-diet.sylickon.com/

Low-fat diet: http://fat.sylickon.com

An special dit for those who want to lower their bad cholesterol level.

Compare the menus used on the low-fat diet: On the one hand, the total calorie content of a typical American daily diet is about 2800 calories, of which almost 50 per cent is fat. The low-fat diet to lose weight provides 1200 or 1000 or 800 calories. Here the fat content is about 15 per cent of the total dietary calorie content and is the amount found in the diets of millions of non-Americans who are virtually free of atherosclerosis or heart attacks and strokes.

What a clear-cut and simple choice is given us for better health and longer life! The question may still arise, "Isn't fat necessary for normal health and nutrition?" As mentioned previously, the need for fat in humans has never been proven, although certain essential fatty acids contained in some vegetable oils are very valuable for keeping the blood fats lowered. You can check the low-fat diet here: http://fat.sylickon.com/

healthy food items revitalize your body systems, helping you to live an active life.